Monday, March 31, 2014

Ten Things I Learned From the How I Met Your Mother Series Finale

That's easy for you to say, Barney.

After almost ten years, How I Met Your Mother - CBS' sitcom juggernaut - finally came to a close this evening.  It's already stirred up quite a bit of controversy -  but as for me, I've learned something today.

And so I present to you: Ten lessons I learned from the last episode of How I Met Your Mother:

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sour Honey: "Little Bee" and the Nice White Lady Novel

TRIGGER WARNING: Discussions of self-mutilation, violence, murder, sexual assault, dismemberment, cannibalism, discussion of mental illness, voiding of the bladder and bowls in public, and White Tears.

Chris Cleve’s “Little Bee” has been the talk of the publishing world for over two years now.  Showered with praise, optioned for a movie and the selection of book clubs everywhere, “Little Bee” has been portrayed as a trenchant story about immigration, the globalization of England’s economy, interracial friendship and the weight of grief.  The publisher has cutely declared on the back of the book that it needs no blurb; no, “Little Bee” is a novel that must be experienced from the beginning and thus you must stumble blindly into the character’s lives without preparation to be fully blown away by their experiences.  Well, readers, I have done that.  And no, “LB” is not some grand story about how to bridge the gap between races and reform our world economy.

Little Bee is, in short: White Guilt: The novel.