Sunday, April 20, 2014

Night Road and the Suburban Stepford Novel

Ah, the ‘Suburban Stepford Novel’.  Ever since women became a marketable force in the literary world, there have been books targeted toward qualities that publishers presume women admire or covet.  The formula is simple: passionate, thwarted teenage love, surprise baby, domineering battleaxe mother, death, tear-soaked happy ending.  Easily digestible over tea and bantered over coffee tables during book clubs.

Kristen Hanna’s “Night Road” follows along a similar path of most Suburban Stepford Novels, but takes itself to such extremes that the entire event turns laughable.  It’s the story of Lexi Baill (the name and spelling is indicative of her character), who sprouts forth from a dysfunctional family and a history of foster care ludicrously unscathed to live with her great aunt and to become involved with a towheaded set of twins who change her life forever.