Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Five Burning Questions I Have About Ash vs Evil Dead

With the sequel to the original Evil Dead trilogy completely confirmed, now’s the time to start asking the important questions.  We’ll have a full year to wait and get a complete glimpse of the soon-to-be-seen pilot, but in the meantime there’s room to speculate.

1: What’s Ash Been Up to For the Past Twenty Years?:  The press release tied to the show says that Ash has been avoiding maturity and responsibility.   Further news informs us that he's got PTSD, lives in a trailer park (in a detail that feels like a winceworthy callback to My Name is Bruce), works at a big box store and has been lying to women about how he lost his hand for sympathy.  Combine that with his description as a lothario and it gives a portrait of a man who’s unable to establish emotional connections, though he can apparently still talk a good game.  Has he managed to find any sort of friendship or warmth at all?  Or will he only establish those roots in this series?  Will the tone feel sitcomish due to episode length or will it stoke the deeper currents of darkness in the Evil Dead/AOD bloodline?

2: More importantly: What have the Evil Dead been up to?:  Since it's canonically been years since Ash has seen a Deadite, we have no idea what Ash is coming up against.  Are their powers the same?   Or have they grown mightier in their absence and will strike back stronger than ever? 

3: Is Ted Raimi’s character now working with Ash at the big box store?: Is he Ash’s supervisor?  Or are they still on the same level and is he stuck listening to Ash tell the same story every single day of his life?

4:  What’s happening back in the 1300s?: How are Arthur and Sheila faring?  Did either of them raise a family?  Did the Deadites cease to plague them after Ash’s labors?

5: Will we see the cabin again?:  Of course, both exteriors are long gone thanks to the ravages of age, but they could be replicated on the Renaissance Picture’s backlot.   Could Ash meet with the skeletal form of his chittering hand?  Or see the ghosts of his loved ones?

We'll get these answers and likely much more when Ash vs Evil Dead airs in the fall of 2015.