Tuesday, December 24, 2013

So Why Aren't You Watching...Steven Universe?

This is the story of the Crystal Gems: four women with unique and world-saving powers...and the son of their late leader, whom they're quasi-raising in a beach house-cum-private lair.

What Makes You Beautiful: The art of fangirling, or ten tips on how to survive fandom in your teen years.

I have been in fandom for twenty years.

That is a staggering statement, when you think about how many people either transition out of fandom or leave it behind for greener pastures.  But here I am, years later.

And to be frank, I'm a little worried.

You see, I keep reading about girls who make suicide attempts in the name of their beloved stars.  Girls who have marred their skin in the name of Justin Bieber.  Girls who are lost and have attached themselves, in hope and in desperation, to fandom and end up worse off for it.

So here are ten handy tips that will help you get through life in fandom and come out the other end of it feeling better about yourself, your childhood and you

The Campbell Chronicles: #9: Mindwarp

This is it: the very movie where Bruce settled into his b-movie machismo milieu.  Moreso than Maniac Cop and Moontrap, Mindwarp sets in stone an image that Army of Darkness would go on to solidify a year later.

So what makes Mindwarp special?

To begin, it's one of the few movies in existence that was produced by Fangoria Magazine.  The horror mag had its own production unit briefly in the early 90's, and Mindwarp is its best known and biggest entry.

Plot details and thoughts exist under the jump: