Sunday, August 24, 2014

Promo: House of Horror Fanzine

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Girls of Summer: Annette, The Beach Party Series and Building The Perfect Boy

Our next stop on our tour of the girls of summer takes a pitstop in the wild, wild world of Frankie and Annette, who helped the 60’s beach movie genre gain even more prominence than Gidget did.

The four Beach Party movies are as wholesome as a tin of apple pie, though not quite as daring.  A series of stories about two college-aged kids named Frankie and Dee-Dee (short for Dolores) who live In a magical Southern California bubble filled with beauty, surf, sun and love and whose romantic, surf-filled summers fall apart at the manipulations of others and the interjections of the cruel world around them, the Beach Party movies were so wildly successful that they helped boost the burgeoning drive-in genre to the stratosphere.  Years later, they mostly exist as an example of what happens when good surf music collides with demonstrations of the latest dances and a series of increasingly bizarre, somewhat topical to the era and slightly racist comedy plots.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hailing The King: Six Things I'd Like To See In The Evil Dead Television Series

After years of false starts, declamations by star Bruce Campbell, and a successful-in-the-short term but ultimately unmemorable reboot, the original Evil Dead franchise is about to spin off into a series.  Starring Campbell, who will reprise his role as the single-handed, wisecracking demonslayer, the series is currently in the process of being written.  The Guardian helpfully offered a series of suggestions recently, and this blog’s determined to offer a few more.  Here are six suggestions, shouted out into the sweet internet,